iPad Mini 2 alternative-- Goopad Mini Plus 7.9 inch Cortex A9 quad core 1.8GHz RAM 2GB ROM16GB Android 4.2 Tablet PC presell

OrientDeal has provided a whole lot of Android smartphones vying with other counterparts and has been designed to strive for the benefits of consumers to the maximum. It is believed that many customers has the same feeling as me, especially those regular buyers of OrientDeal. So we are ones who are expected to get a surprise. What does OrientDeal bring now in this world full of curiosity and tempatation. Goopad Mini Plus is the latest iPad Mini 2 clone,of course, updated recently by OrientDeal. Let's know more details about it now!
Goopad Mini Plus
Goopad Mini Plus

Striking and influential CPU

When we are into a certain tablet PC, we are gonna refer to the function,that is to say, the Cortex A9 quad core 1.8GHz CPU
of the tablet PC  And open your eyes and ears to feel the striking and influential CPU, then we will know how Goopad Mini Plus outperforms iPad Mini 2.Google Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean has been successfully deploied in Goopad Mini Plus with Cortex A9 quad core 1.8Ghz,2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, the regular storage as iPad Mini 2 which means you can easily have access to high-speed internet on the go. So what we pursue has been achieved perfectly.

Watch the 3D game video

Smooth and sparkling LCD Display

This 7.9 inch Quad core Tablet PC with 1024*768 Pixels and 10 Points Capacitive Touch Screen enjoy great popularity  among young people and it can support FHD 1080p videos at the same time. Goopad Mini Plus has the similar design as iPad Mini 2, but the price from OrientDeal will be cheaper than iPad Mini 2.Therefore, should we really need to spend the extra cash to get a real deal from Apple? I think it occurs to you that get the iPad Mini 2 clone will be better to live with an economical and rich life.

Optinal and clear-cut dual camera

watch the pictures 

This iPad Mini 2 clone will show you the high-clear dual camera, that is to say,the front camera has 0.3 Mega Pixels and Back is 2.0Mega Pixels (Back 5.0Mega Pixels Optional).So it's not neccessary to worry about taking pictures without carrying digital camera. And from the other aspect, it will save your money to buy an expensive digital camera and  a huge and clumsy PC.Life needs us to make the right choice.

Durable and rechargeable Li-polymer Battery

One of the most striking advantages is that Goopad Mini Plus possesses durable 4000mAh battery, which can surpass iPad Mini 2 without doubt. When others see your tablet PC can have so long talking time and standby time, i think the first word he says is amazing. And you will be spotlight in front of your friends.

Just take the chance to get it!

Certainly, the powerful functions of this Goopad Mini Plus is far more than what i introduce, if you want to know more about it, please move your hands to order it on OrientDeal.


Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Alternative -- OrientPhone U89 6 inch Android 4.2 MTK6589 Quad core RAM 1GB 3G smartphone announced

U89 MTK6589
U89 MTK6589

OrientDeal has come to the 6-inch 3G smartphone, seeming to beat Samsung GS4 to the punch, OrientDeal has unveiled the OrientPhone U89. The price for the 4GB ROM model to be sold by online retailer OrientDeal is $168.39,much cheaper than GS4. So continue the myth of OrientDeal Samsung galaxy Note3 alternative.

Watch the video of U89 first:

6-inch ultra screen

  6-inch ultra screen

              6-inch ultra screen

Quite why we need the 6-inch MTK6589 smartphone U89 when we have the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 is anybody's guess. The OrientPhone U89 MTK6589 boasts a high-definition screen with a 1.2GHz Quad-core processor underneath it, and 1G Ram powers to connect to the Internet faster when you're on the go.

Running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean makes the U89 3G phones some of the earliest devices to be equipped with the latest version of the operating system., including Google Play store.

To take advantage of the large screen, Samsung's multi-window view will be installed, letting users use two apps simultaneously.

MTK6589 Quad Core

Quad core
Quad core

U89 employed 6 inch MTK6589 Quad core which means fast response and speed.Users will get better experience, the more core processor is , the faster the corresponding product will be. However, although many customers thought the performance of dual-core mobile phone had met the general needs of the user, you will not feel comfortable to get accustomed to playing large 3D games,otherwise it is hard for you to experience fluency to detect the huge difference between the quad-core and dual-core mobile phone. You can enjoy the 3D games to have a good experience like <Shadowgun Dark> <MeadowThe Pact>.

Therefore, Powerful quad-core gave users a more powerful visual impact and real-life experience. As the rapid development of mobile games today, developers are introducing powerful games to the mobile environment. In the mobile field, dual-core to quad-core transition will be an inevitable trend. Widely used mobile software has been providing multi-tasking and multi-threading support. So if you like the game, and the visual experience of demanding friends, you can consider purchasing U89 6 inch HD Screen android phone .

Android 4.2.1 

Android 4.2.1
Android 4.2.1
OrientPhone U89 used the most popular Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system,based on the former operating system, it has been beautified and optimized. Therefore, the interface will be more magnificent and the fluency of OS and the function will be improved to a large degree. Many OrientDeal users give a hot applause to the phone.
Let's exlaborate what Android 4.2.1 OS will bring to us.

1. the complete Chrome browser

  Changes of Android 4.2 Web browser is very popular, supporting tabbed browsing system, and bookmark simultaneously. This appropriate design will make the use of mobile phones and tablet PCs and traditional PC  without difference.

2. the Brand new mobile landscape mode

  As Android 4.2, a collection of mobile phones and tablet PCs will be integrated in the use of mobile phones, you can use landscape mode of similar sized tablet , and can be reversed.

3. the new file manager

  Android 4.2 will set a new file manager, allowing users to easily manage the files on the SD card, rather than rely on third-party software.

3g Network

3G Network
3G Network

In essence, 3g and 2g is the mobile phone network standard, 2g phones generally refers to the GSM network standard mobile phone (instructions marked on, such as GSM800/900, etc.), which also includes the difference of network speed (not just speaking of speed means 2G or 3G) but 3g phone network transmission speed is over 2g phone a lot, so you can use streaming capabilities of 3G phones faster and more smoothly, such as video calling, music downloads and online TV and so on.

This U89 3G mobile download speeds on the Internet can be extremely fast that you can't imaginge, so just have a try to experience this U89 on OrientDeal.

Cheapest price

According to the details about the OrientPhone U89, you must have a good knowledge of this smartphone. And another most important factor you care most is the price. I get the newest and cheapest price for you at $168.39. $168.39 will get a wonderful Samsung Galaxy S4 Alternative 3g smartphone on OrientDeal. Isn't amazing? So action speaks louder than words!

First 6.5 Inch Phablet ,OrientPhone Mega 6.5 beyond Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, FHD IPS Screen 1.5GHz MTK6589T Quad core Ram 1GB smartphone released

OrientPhone Mega 6.5
OrientPhone Mega 6.5

OrientDeal knows that Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is attentive creature that has released recently . It's so expensive that you can't afford it. But now, an equally beastly smartphone -- one seemingly designed specifically for them -- is available to buy. The OrientPhone Mega 6.5 is the first 6.5 inch FHD IPS Screen in the world until now , and it reigns as the largest of its kind,  the title will soon be taken over once it hits the market. We were curious to see how a phone of its size would hold out during regular use, so OrientDeal -- an online retailer which currently sells 6.5 Inch Phablet,OrientPhone Mega 6.5  for $309.68 at this cheapest price. Is the phone's magnitude a benefit or hindrance to the user experience? Is it even worth considering if you don't need the largest possible screen? Find out as we dissect it after the break.

Watch the video of OrientPhone Mega 6.5 first:


NOVA 3 Game Playing Hands on

Powerful performance and unique aric shape
Powerful performance and unique aric shape
If this review taught us nothing else, we at least discovered that OrientPhone Mega 6.5 ,The quad core MTK6589T phablet makes for an amazing icebreaker in elevators, parties and anywhere else. The odds of hearing "Wow, that thing's a phone?" were, unexpectedly, incredibly high. Of course, novelty isn't typically a factor we consider when reviewing a phone, nor should it be; perhaps a few folks may think of this as an opportunity to cure their shyness, but we believe it's far more important to judge a smartphone by its actual merits rather than perceived social implications.

So how huge is OrientPhone Mega 6.5,as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone exactly? This new king of the hill measures in at 172.9x93.1x9.5 mm  and weighs an outlandish 250g with battery; I found that when holding the Mega 6.5 to my ear, my phone conversations became increasingly comfortable as time progressed. From the front design, we can clearly see a chic HOME BUTTON, on the back side, it’s the most unique feature that there is a big aric shape. By contrast, from the back of Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 alternative, it’s no obvious feature that can attract our attention. So, for most young girls, we prefer to the OrientPhone Mega 6.5 because of ultra-thin and unique back design, which enable our disposition to show in front of others completely.
We were only comfortable holding the Mega 6.5 when two hands were involved.
Even if you're not dissuaded by those dimensions, you'll be far more comfortable using OrientPhone Mega 6.5 with two hands. Sure, we were able to palm the device in one hand for reading, browsing ,watching, playing games or other similar activities. 
As much as we'd like to see the specs to show the charm of the Mega 6.5, OrientDeal brings  it to you, the high-end buyer,average buyer or power user.-- That said, it still makes for a solid and powerful device: it wields a 1.5GHz quad-core MTK 6589T CPU ,updated version of  MTK 6589 , 6.5 inch 1080P IPS Screen, 1920*1080 pixel , 13MP rear camera,4.9 MP front camera, 3,150mAh battery, 1GB RAM 16GB ROM and numerous other notable specs listed in the table below.

  • Manufacturer: Firefly
  • Model: OrientPhone Mega 6.5
  • Operating System: Android 4.2.1 OS
  • Processor: 1.5GHz MTK MT6589T quad-core chipset
  • Screen Size: 6.45" touchscreen
  • Display reulotion: FHD screen, 1920*1080 pixel
  • Color Support: 16 million colors
  • Screen Technology: Multi-touch screen
  • Camera Resulotion: 13MP rear camera
  • 4.9MP front camera, digital zoom
  • Connectivity Technology: GSM + WCDMA
  • Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz + WCDMA 850/2100MHz
  • Data Technology: EDGE, GPRS (HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps; EDGE; GPRS)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • GPS: GPS/A-GPS (Built-in GPS chipset)
  • Video Player: AVI、MP4、3GP、MOV、MKV、FLV
  • Audio Player: FLAC、APE、MP3、OGG、AMR、AAC
  • Image: JPG、PNG、BMP、GIF
  • Ringing Tones: Downloadable
  • Message: SMS, MMS, Email
  • Phone Book: 10000 contacts
  • Brower: HTML
  • Interface/Port:
  • Game: Downloadable
  • Radio: FM
  • G-sensor
  • Interface/Port: 3.5mm earphone jack / mini USB
  • Battery: Li-on battery 3150mAh
  • Standby Time: 150-200 hours
  • Built-in Memory: 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM
  • Memory Card: Support microSD/microSDHC memory card, up to 64GB, support App2SD
  • Dimensions:172.9x93.1x9.5 mm
  •  Weight: 250g with battery
2PCS*3150mah Big Battery
2PCS*3150mah Big Battery


When we mentioned that the OrientPhone Mega 6.5 uses a 1080p display, you likely already assumed that it would offer a wonderful viewing experience , we had the exact same idea going into this review. However, it's not enough as good as we had originally imagined. If you play 3D games or 3D movies, the display will present ultra-clear scene for you without stucking, So the Mega 6.5 is surprisingly decent. 
The display is 1080p, its vibrant FHD popped out at us.
In addition, viewing angles were superb. 6.5-inch  FHD 1080P phone will keep the screen view any angle with full vision, which kill perfectly Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 720p .And you can also use an S Pen to click any application instead of hand-touching.


play software store
play software store
As long as this isn't your first time at the OrientDeal rodeo, the OrientPhone Mega 6.5 user experience will give a hot applause to this amazing phone.You can download whatever software in the Google play store which puts all your favorite entertainment right in your hands: the world's largest collection of eBooks, millions of songs and more than 700,000 apps and games.you can enjoy the newest 3D games, e-books, e-magazines, 3D movies, music, facebook, twitter and so on.One of those applications must cater for your needs. Just order one to let other people envy you!

The OrientPhone Mega 6.5 has the latest Android 4.2.1 
The main difference among other phones, of course, is the inclusion of the latest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean OS, which will keep the best function in performance and running speed.Therefore, your life and work will be improved obviously by No.1 6.5-inch Mega.Frankly, it's worthwhile to experience the  first 6.5-inch OrientPhone Mega. 

Ultra-clear dual CAMERA

Back Camera 13 Mega, Front Camera 4.9 Mega
Back Camera 13 Mega, Front Camera 4.9 Mega

The OrientPhone Mega 6.5 has the 4.9MP front camera and 13MP rear camera
When I mention the OrientPhone Mega 6.5, I have to mention the high pixel dual Camera, which bring us to a new digital life. It uses a 4.9-megapixel front camera and 13-megapixel rear camera, while Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 just has 8MP back camera, and I found the Auto mode seems to have problems trying to take pictures in low-light situations. It appears that the shutter isn't opening long enough to capture the image, resulting in an image with details that are hard to make out. However, it can’t happen to OrientPhone Mega 6.5. I am sure you will choose OrientPhone Mega 6.5  to take better pictures in view of pixels.

 performance and battery life

Antutu test
Antutu test
The OrientPhone Mega 6.5  mainly shows its high-range status with its processing power, as it possesses a quad-core MTK MT6589T   ,updated version of  MTK 6589 .  Granted, it takes advantage of a 1.5GHz clock speed and higher 1080 pixel count , so you won't see  lag or delay with the majority of your work. Here's how its  ANTUTU benchmark scores stack up against other devices.
Samsung Galaxy Mega Antutu test
Samsung Galaxy Mega Antutu test                                                                        

 First, we chose these two models for performance comparisons. As you can see, OrientPhone Mega 6.5  bests the Samsung Mega 6.3  in Antutu category. Comparisons aside, the benchmarks give us a solid indication that you're not going to run into any workload-related problems on the OrientPhone Mega 6.5.
We also discovered that gaming was a joy on the  OrientPhone Mega 6.5  who would've thought that combining PowerVR SGX544 GPU with a huge screen would make for such a great experience? The speaker sounds loud and crisp, and we were able to crank out more than enough noise from our movies and music to stay happy.  All of our calls went through perfectly, with no drops or hiccups. GPS performance was also more than decent. It was a good thing we  have an immediate need for a change in direction.  the performance is exactly what we'd hope to see on any high-range OrientDeal phone.
The phone had a 3,00mAh battery, we can witness to utilize it longer than nearly anything else on the market.
Finally, the  phone had a 3,150mAh battery , we can witness to utilize it longer than nearly anything else on the market. The OrientPhone Mega 6.5 didn't disappoint, it supports 150 hours to 200 hours standby time, which provides enough time for you to watch videos, play games, make a call, browse the web, read e-books and so on.

Friendly tips

All in all,  OrientPhone Mega 6.5 completely outperformed Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 both in Screen Display and performance. At the same time,  another important news it that it is almost close to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released by September, 2013. Therefore, why do you get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone to test first. Time is precious and never waits you forever. 
Just move your hand to order one. It's really hot sale now on OrientDeal. Many consumers can't order it due to the peak time of buying OrientPhone Mega 6.5 for $309.68 at the cheapest price. Believe it or not, just have a try!


The NO.1 and best Thinnest 1 :1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone – OrientPhone I9500S 5 Inch IPS Screen MTK6589 Quad Core Cellphone with Gesture & Motion Control Launched

OrientPhone I9500S S4
Unique OrientPhone I9500S S4
Watch the Videos of  Unique OrientPhone I9500S 
Full Hands ON Testing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQvRbFIghZc

Samsung Galaxy S4 has attracted the majority of users great concern since it was announced, and OrientDeal announced OrientPhone I9500S with better performance and cheaper price at $229.68. Let's feel the strong glamor of it.

Wonderful and Ultra-thin Design

OrientPhone I9500S, as Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone, has bold designs and uses gesture sensing capabilities, breaking the traditional way of the blind pursuit of high-profile domestic machine . Therefore,it won a lot of applause and enjoy the high popularity among consumers. OrientPhone I9500S with a straight all-touch design ownes simple design style, and its thickness is only 7.9mm. For the sake of comparison, let's toss out a few numbers. OrientPhone I9500S measures in at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm and weighs an outlandish 135g; it's much thinner than the Galaxy Note 2, which in contrast is 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4mm. It even compares to the 5-inch Galaxy S4, which comes in at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm. Holding this 5.0-inch large-screen phone in your hand will feel very comfortable.The border design is also more sleek, it's surrounded by all the metal cutting process, will make you feel smooth with a strong metallic texture. Its front design was designed with ultra narrow width, which will make you have a more stunning visual impact. OrientPhone I9500S in appearance looks more calm and conservative, and add a rounded styling elements. And in the manufacturing process and selected materials it's raised a higher level, compared with Galaxy S4.

OrientPhone I9500S 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm VS Samsung Galaxy S4 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm

Unique features

Ultra-thin design
Thinnest design

We know that there are many situations that it is inconvenient to operate your phone in our daily life, for example, when our hands touch something like oil and simultaneously the phone is ringing, this time OrientPhone I9500S as 1:1 S4 Clone gesture & motion control function can play a role,which allows you to complete many operations without touching phone. Of course, OrientPhone I9500S Gesture & Motion Control Function does not just answer the phone, it can be applied to many scenarios, today we come together to look through screenshots:
Motions and Gestures Function/3G/GPS
Motion and Gesture Control Function

Interface & Gesture & Motion Hnads On Reviews :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8PD5ET6Gxk

Air Browse: Move left or right to view gallery pictures:

Air browse Gesture Motion
When You take a look at the photos,there is no need to click on the screen, just move your hands from left to right to go ahead or move from right to left to back the last picture.Therefore, by this air browse or gesture & motion control, it's convenient for you to view the gallery pictures. I bet you must want to experience it. Just have a try on OrientDeal.

Air Launcher-Accept: Move between Desktop, App Grid area, Widgets Grid Area

Air browse Gesture Motion
Continuing our Gesture & Motion Control function, you can flexibly move your hand from left to right or right to left to get in the desktop,or APP Grid area to choose what you want to get in. When you make a decision to choose an application, just move your hand to get in. It really deserves to experience by yourself.

Air Call-accept:Accept incoming calls by moving your hand over the sensor.

Air call-accetp Motion Gesture   
It's more powerful than what you thought, even when you are busy cooking in kitchen, and it's not convenient for you to accept the call by your full of oil hand. By default, the speakerphone will be activatedand the gesture & motion control will play a great role to answer the call.Just move your hands over the sensor to accept the call. So does call-refusing,of course.

However,if you don't want this Gesture & Motion Control,just clear the checkbox ,and then the speakerphone will disable this feature.
It's exactly efficient and convenient to better your work and life when you own one.

It deserves more to test and experience the unique and funny feature yourself than no matter what i admire and describe this smartphone brilliantly.

Powerful Performance

powerful performance
powerful performance

OrientPhone I9500S S4 as galaxy S4 Clone has 5 inch OGS multi-touch capacitive screen, Dual SIM card, dual standby, 7.9mm ultra-thin body design,MTK6589 Quad core CPU. Dual SIM Card mean each SIM Card Slot support 2G+3G Mobile Ntework, 2G + 3G Mobile Network and GPRS + GSM +3G WCDMA. the longevity of the battery is 2300mAh  and the front camera is 3mp, the back camera is 13mp, providing a completely ultra-clear photos for you. This phone is also equipped with GPS Navigation,helping you find the position you want.

Cheap price

It's $229.68 hot sale on OrientDeal.I bet you will have a smart choice between OrientPhone I9500S S4 and Galaxy S4. Just save your money to get this Galaxy S4 alternative for better life.


OrientPhone I9500S S4 as Thinnest 1 :1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone has the same size and good performance as S4. It has enjoyed great popularity among different people. It's hot sale now. Many people can't get it first. So can you snap up one to test? Just have a try on OrientDeal. 


Real eight-core or Octa core MT6592 will be launched in November of this year


Asia's leading chip designer Media Tek has released recent news about a new chip products, bringing even more unexpected surprise. This year not to mention the new production of MT6572 dual core chip, there are a variety of four-core chip MT6580, MT6582, etc. which will be launched soon at the same time, and at the end of year, it is also expected to launch 4G TD-LTE chip MT6290. And today's news shows from the Taiwan media, it’s long rumored that MTK eight-core processors may no longer a myth, code MTK6592 eight-core chip will be upcoming.

MTK MT6592 will also be based on 28-nano meter process, the main frequency is very impressive, reaching 1.7GHz-2.0GHz, built eight ARM A7 architecture applications processor, unlike some of the 4 +4 "eight-core", MT6592 has eight physical core and eight core can simultaneously work which is a genuine eight-core mobile processor, or can support Google's next generation operating system Andriod 5.0, support 1080P video encoding and decoding. As the most high-end mobile phone chip of Media Tek, MT6592 will definitely give priority to support a variety of innovative technologies and MT6592's Antutu test runs over 30,000 points, powerful performance is evident.

Taiwan media today announced a message that indicates that the Media Tek will hold promotion of MT6592 eight nuclear chip to the domestic and foreign customers in the near future, and also gives the comparatively more specific volume production time, Media Tek's first eight nuclear smart handset solutions MT6592 will be produced by large quantity in November this year.

In addition, according to the news of senior insiders in this industry, except for the toppest level's eight nuclear chips MT6592, there is a code MT6588's four-core processors which will also launched soon. Friends concerned about the site of the machine must know, code MT6589 formerly is named MT6588, but later the name has changed into MT6588 whose specifications areeven more tough, this chip adopts 28nm process as well as Cortex A7 architecture, main frequency up to 1.7GHz, supporting H.264/1080P , 720P-level HEVC and VP9 format decoding, 13 million pixel camera as well as FHD levels of display resolution, supporting for HSPA + / TD high-speed network. 

Although some of the new products has not yet reached volume production stage currently, we were able to see that MTK's products have been in blossom, especially MT6592/MT6588 are even more perfected the MTK's high-end product line, these chips are adopted more advanced manufacturing process and architectures, the continuation of of the Media Tek has always advocated low-power and high-performance characteristics. MT6588/MT6592's immediate 
arrival,I believe, will be set off a "revolutionary" Of a new round of smart phones in the domestic.

More details will be coming soon on OrientDeal.

best 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S4 alternative ---OrientPhone i9500S Android 4.2.2 MTK6589 Quad Core 5.0 inch IPS Screen with Gesture and Motion Function

OrientDeal has received many rumors from the buyers that the hottes Samsung Galaxy S4 is so expensive, we can't afford to buy one. But we really want it. So your trusted friend OrientDeal announced the best  Samsung Galaxy  S4 clone , OrientPhoen I9500S , at $229.68, you must be enthusiastic to see it, this lastest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean device, 5 inches quad core MTK 6589 ,will give you the best benefits and eye-catching. Let's unveil the mysterious features of  I9500S 1:1 Galaxy S4 Clone.

Watch the Videos of  Unique OrientPhone I9500S 

Full Hands ON Testing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQvRbFIghZc

S4 Smartphone 1:1
S4 Smartphone 1:1

Blazing and exceptionally fast speed

Blazing and exceptionally fast speed

         Blazing and exceptionally fast speed

We always go in for the fastest speed of the cellphone. If there's one word that sums up S4 Smartphone 1:1,the best i9500S S4 Clone,it's fast. Depending on which model you get,you will end up with different processor speed.The international model comes with a blistering fast Android 4.2.1 MTK 6589  Quad core CPU,Ram 1GB .Therefore, this Android cellphone provides extraordinary convenience and efficiency when you search the Internet.You can also use the ANTUTU to test your system. It will prove the fact of fastness. It's no wonder that we are of great jubilation due to the best Samsung Galaxy S4 alternative.

The same colorful screen size as GS4 and different Air gesture

Interface & Gesture & Motion Hnads On Reviews :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8PD5ET6Gxk

The same colorful screen size as GS4 and different Air gesture

               The same colorful screen size as GS4 and different Air gesture

When we get the releasement of GS4,the design and screen size are one of the most important issues we care about. But OrientDeal tells you a surprising news that S4 Smartphone 1:1 has the same size as GS4, both of them are 5.0 inches display with  1280*720P  screen resolution. Apple is into touting  the crispness and the accurate color of iPhone5 Retina display, but to be honest, i prefer the larger HD screen resolution on S4 Smartphone 1:1  for greater visual clearity when reading texts and playing games,whichcreates richer, simpler and full life.

The most different and special function of  S4 Smartphone 1:1 as 1:1 Galaxy S4 clone  built in gesture and motion function is that you can wave your hands from any direction, the application will respond to your hands, then you can get in the any application you want, while S4 just supports the photos application to follow your hands.

Glizy and clear dual camera

Glizy and clear dual camera

                     Glizy and clear dual camera

The function of camera has become more important in our daily life. No matter where we go, we like taking photos by our camera. S4 Smartphone 1:1 will bring more happiness and joy to your life. Due to the front camera 2.0MP, the back camera 8.0MP, you can keep track of the newest and most beautiful scene and people, including ourselves.Vibrant and clear-cut dual camera will show the influence and power for you, when you experience the fastest Android cellphone.

A variety of software applications

A variety of software applications

                    A variety of software applications

First,let us have a look at the language application. It's known to us that English has become one of the most influential international languages in the world. But other languages keep pace with times. French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and so on are also one of the most important and useful languages.Therefore, S4 Smartphone 1:1 will show you the famous and trendy languages for different kinds of people from different countries. 

 trendy languages
 trendy languages

Next, let's elaborate the PlayStore application. This kind of Android cellphone has installed 70 to 80 applications, like magazines, videos ,3D games and so on. Just download everything from this PlayStore.And of course, it supports the global social network communication tools, like twitter, facebook, google plus.
Consequently, never worry about the lastest games that you will miss.

Ok, move to another fantastic software application, GPS Navigation, which is inevitable in our daily life, especially in a travel.You can freely use the Google Maps to find where you are.Just as I mentioned, we are designed to the  humane features. So the compass is equipped in this phone will add another scenery on the road of travel.These two positioning traffic tools have made your life more convenient and real.


There are many Samsung Galaxy S4 alternatives on the market, just choice one you like most with cheapest price and best performance. Orientphone i9500S  is really a good Samsung Galaxy S4 clone to appeal to your taste. Just order it on OrientDeal.